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Chocolate Mixing Tank

Product Code: Pi23021


• The machine is designed for resting and stocking the chocolate.
• Capacity: 1000 kg.
• Hot Water Circulation System
• 2″Outlet Ball Valve/Butterfly Valve before the pumps
• A fully controllable thermostat ensures the chocolate is warmed to the correct temperature.
• All parts of the machine are produced by 304 Stainless Steel.
• The machine has 3 jackets. First one is chocolate jacket, second one is water jacket and the last one is isolation jacket; to saves energy.
• It has water pump for hot water circulation.
• The tank, pump and mixers temperatures can be controlled by PLC.
• Working Voltage: 380 V, Total Power: 10 kW
• Easy maintenance for all machine parts
• Multilingual control panel
• All wear parts are made from the highest-grade material
• Very flexible and easily cleanable

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